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What is it with gays and cakes?

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None of the gay blokes i know eat cake. However they are more than balanced out by the lesbians who only eat cake.

Did Rosa Parkes protest because she could not buy an Eccles cake.

Did Martin Luther King have an eclair?

Apparently - Its not about cake.

Yes it is. You went to a cake shop.

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30 minutes ago, Hail the Tripod said:

I thought this was going to be about "The Great British Bake Off". Pretty sure we had a thread on the NI case quite recently.

I mention it as i went to read the New york times and its like dejavu all over again.

Why cake?

Do christian not run other businesses?

1 hour ago, Carl Fimble said:

Muslims don't seem to like making gay cakes either. 

It's all bollocks, they are private businesses and should be able to accept or refuse whatever orders they like.

Id ask for Happy Mohammed day cake with his face on it.

You can get around it by asking fir a cake with Jesus and Bhuddah on first.

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On 9/18/2017 at 00:36, wherebee said:

A better test would be for a muslim comic to ask a homosexual baker to bake a 'throw the gay off the roof' cake...



It could be one of those lavish multi-tiered arrangements!

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