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I don't want to be Mr Downer vaccine wise, but..


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since 15 June 2021, the number of fatalities have increased 11 fold, which means that the chances of dying from this bug are increasing at the rate of 24% a week. But at the same time the average Brit has been given enough drugs to set up as a Colombian drug baron.

As said, I don't want to be Mr Negative, but it is hard not to feel that

(a) the vaccines don't work

(b) we are all fucked  

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The two biggest factors in mortality are age and anxiety. You can't do anything about your age, so the best thing you can do to help yourself is to stop worrying.

oh, and evidence now that the vaccine is less effective on fat people, and by that it's not just obesity, "skinny fat" are also at risk. It seems body fat % and in particular visceral fat are important factors in immunity and vaccine efficacy.

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