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    • By Chewing Grass
      1) Shaun Woodward St Helens South

    • By spunko
      Race for no-deal Brexit: Drivers must buy new £5.50 licences to drive in EU, passports will need replacing... and Brussels will no longer tell us about ASTEROID threats
      'No deal' Brexit could be as bad as the 2008 financial crash and may wipe a THIRD off house prices, Bank of England governor Mark Carney warns the cabinet
      Eurostar trains will be STOPPED at the border and planes grounded in a no deal Brexit, French minister warns
      Rees-Mogg's hard Brexit group is being probed over a secret bank account: Commons watchdog concerned Tory set is 'misusing public funds' to support its campaign to crush May's Chequers plan
      These are just some of the headlines today. I wondered what was going on and then I realised that Paul Dacre had retired and been replaced with Geordie Grieg, arch Remoaner formerly editor of Mail On Sunday. I stopped reading MoS because of the overly negative whingefest it became, now I need to find another source of my news. Anyone got any decent suggestions for right-of-centre news that isn't heavily filtered, aside from Breitbart?
    • By One percent
      Toby Young.  The best thing that happened to education of an odious, think, privileged and entitled twat?
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