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Keeping spare car battery charged.

Mirror Mirror


Mirror Mirror

How can I keep a car battery charged up during the winter when it’s removed from the vehicle?

It’s actually on a motor home which will be put into storage and I usually remove the battery and charge it in my shed every couple of weeks or so with a charger.

However if things go to plan, I’m hoping to escape to some warmer climes for a couple of months and I was thinking of either using a remote switch, either on a timer or internet controlled, or using a solar powered trickle charger.

If I leave a battery charger connected to the battery, I’m worried that there will be some leakage across the diodes in the charger which will allow the battery to gradually go flat, is this likely?

I guess the solar trickle charger would be the best option, but since that would have to be on the shed roof, there’s a risk of it getting stolen.

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I think you'll find a decent battery will keep its charge for ages

ie I bought a replacement battery a few years ago cos the one in the car had gone flat, I couldn't recharge it with one of those fancy Lidl chargers cos it was 'totally buggered' BUT I borrowed one of those old fashioned made in germany chargers and it got it going

get a multimeter and check your voltage.....my battery was 'new' secondhand off a Renault and it only cost like 30€ and it's EFB or something cos the car has that stupid stop start, it shows 12.5v volts or thereabouts and has done for years...

Some folks say that below 12v is knackered but I can start a Civic 1.8 with a battery that only shows 11.6v

I'm not a big expert I just find batteries interesting now lol

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