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Prison pronouns


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Chewing Grass
5 minutes ago, sarahbell said:


Do they not have one with WHAT? on it, most people don't know what a Pronoun is anyway and as such DGAF.

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Stinky Wizzleteats

Anyone who picks he/they or her/they must be taking the piss or being deliberately obtuse.

Of you want to be gender neutral fine but don't make a farce of it.

And anyone who advertises that they want to be asked about their pronouns should be avoided like the plague

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Hail the Tripod

It creates an interesting paradox, where person A can (under threat of prosecution) arbitrarily mandate person B’s choice of words. Yet person B can be held criminally liable for expressing those words.

So what happens if one insists their pronoun is: “filthy yid”, “rapey arab” or “lazy ni**er””?

How will the warden respect these gender choices in a “context is irrelevant” for hate speech legal quagmire.

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