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Did anyone else miss the rise n fall of Alphawave?


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Transistor Man

The IPO valuation seemed very high.

Their IP, high-speed data transmission using digital, DSP-based equalization, as opposed to the analogue approach, may be very valuable.

It's about design wins now. If they were to become the dominant provider of 200Gb/s SerDes IP, then all credit to them. But there are very capable competitors out there.   



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  • 6 months later...

I'd forgotten that I'd forgotten about Alphawave.

Another turd brought to you by LSE.

Alphawave’s full-year results are delayed

Choppy waters for the semiconductor IP group


Remember Alphawave? In 2021, the once Toronto-based semiconductor IP company IPO’d on the LSE to great fanfare, with some drawing comparisons between its capital-light business model and previous stock exchange darling ARM. The valuation, at £3bn for a company with just £40mn of trailing revenues, matched the hype. Then it all went a bit pear shaped. Four months after its May listing, the stock was cut in half after FT Alphaville revealed close, and undisclosed, relationships between it and some of its key customers. Since, the stock has been muted, even after it announced in March that it was buying high-speed connectivity IP business OpenFive for $210mn


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