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Dave Bloke

Best foreign tat you've watched on TV in the last year

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What's the best foreign TV series you've watched in the last year. Rules are it cannot be 'mercan or British. The "first aid kit" thread in the music section made me think of this and the excellent 1864 the TV Series that almost bankrupted a nation. Side note the fancy sword wielding soldier who cuts the hand off with the pistol is Karen Blixen's grand father.

Even the missus accepted to watch this and she doesn't normally due foreign stuff.

Watching this trailer it seemed to involve a lot of running around the place.

The Danes should have ordered half a dozen gattling guns (or mitrailleuse), that would have sorted out the Germans.

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1 minute ago, Sucralose Ray Leonard said:

In that case Pinny, may I recommend Poontang on the Potomac?

Filth! I don't watch porn. It's erotic art!

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