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Suggestions for cheap UK travel (NE England to South Wales)


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What is the best / cheapest way to travel distances in the UK these days?

I need to arrange a trip (one way) from Darlington (NE England) to Swansea (South Wales), arriving during office hours on either Thursday 14th or Friday 15th. Satnav says it's a 300 mile / 5 hour drive which sounds about right (I drove last time and it was a 750 mile round trip).

Trains could be an option but are £80 arriving too late, or near £200 arriving when I want. I'd consider coaches but the websites I've tried say they don't cover that route & have no suggestions.

Blagging a lift for a lot of the journey would help, arriving a day early would be ok as I can kill time en-route.

Hiring a car for the day is another option but not if I need to pay extra to leave it at a depot different to the one I picked it up from.


So, does anyone have useful suggestions (or can offer a lift) next week ?


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Coach would definitely be cheapest - megabus or something  like that from major cities,plus whatever else bus/train for hops to those, but you'd be travelling most of a day - so looking at day before and then cost of night stopover.

Car hire one way looks to be about £100 (min) from Enterprise. You might get a cheaper deal airport to airport location pickup/drop off.

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Are one off / ad hoc car deliver services / jobs a thing in the UK?

Car Monkey in the US is I believe one.

There's this or something similar. A long shot and without your first job probably tricky to get started as most likely a rating /review, but if cheap enough...........




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