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Caravan Monster

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1 hour ago, Caravan Monster said:

Has anyone got into the breathing technique stuff popularised by Wim Hof? Sounds stupid doing breathing lessons but got a suspicion there's something in it.


Yes @Austin Allegrohas.

I haven’t practiced Wim Hof breathing but throughout the day I focus on breathing correctly using the diaphragm plus even deep breathing when meditating.

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I have tried - not religiously but was doing a couple of times a week.  Mean to get back into - I'm not sure I noticed any benefit after or not but I can get behind believing it does - listening to Wim etc.  Also pretty cool being able to hold your breath for more than a couple of minutes.

Ideally I guess would be getting someone qualified to make sure I'm doing it correctly - I think wim does online courses - not sure if it's pre-recorded or not.  Even without you'll still be getting the main benefit afaikt.  I use a simple free app I got from the google store "breath bunny" which I find really good whilst doing (timing breaths then length of holding)

Not breathing but I have cold showers every day though - a lot less effort and seen benefit of cold treatment for a long time.

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