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Carbon Crystal Panel Heater - FIR infrared



Hello all

Anyone that have those or had those in the past?

I wonder how they perform in comparison to the usual convection heaters, cost to run and how they actuality feel - would one need a de-humidifier to consider using those around the house?





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Strictly speaking a convection heater works primarily through warm convection currents, whereas a radiator creates these currents and also has significant element of radiating heat into the room. These panels seem to be slimline electric versions of radiators. Probably about as efficient as anything electric that doesn't have a multiplying effect as the panel is just another physical way of creating a resistive load to act as an energy sink.

People tend to use dehumidifiers to specifically reduce over humid rooms/houses. There is probably an optimum humidity health wise to have in the house and if humidity levels are low then you won't get the multiplier effect with this type of unit and even kicking out max heat they are not actually generating much (so you still need heating), just a little bonus amount to go with the main function of the unit.

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These are the panels in my Infra red sauna. I toyed with the idea of getting one and mounting it on the ceiling directly over my bed (beats having a mirror there I suppose ;-)) The idea being that I didnt then really need to heat the room or the air in it, just the material and organic object(s) below it.

Im not sure about using them to replace conventional central heating 'radiators' as like them the 'heat' would be blocked by anything in the way. Probably best mounted high up with direct lines of site. They wont heat the air as such, just materials at a distance, although what that distance is I dont know.
I have an infra red patio heater and again its useful as it doesnt heat the air but you have to be in line of sight and the drop off out of the main beam is very noticeable.

I cant see them adding to humidity etc and as they wouldnt heat the air it might keep humidity down (lower air temperature).

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