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Carswell quits UKIP "amicably"

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He's a bell-end.




The dog's kennel is not the place to keep a sausage - Danish proverb

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    • By Chewing Grass
      There I feel better now - thread title of the year 2019 here I come.
      Edit:-  Note, its not fucked yet so 'The EU is fucked' would be a bit premature.
    • By spygirl 🏆
      '100 Women: 'Disabled women have sexual needs too''
      'Up to 10 million people in Iran are living with disabilities, campaigners say, but the culture surrounding the issue is largely one of shame, writes BBC Near East Women's Affairs journalist Feranak Amidi.
      One area which is particularly taboo in the socially conservative country is sex, and more so the sexual needs of disabled women.
      Here, 41-year-old Mitra Farazandeh, who lives with disabilities in a small village in northern Iran, describes her own experience - and frustrations.'
      Muslim - tick.
      Woman - tick
      Disabled - tick.
      BME - tick
      Can someone check if shes a single mum and works for Sports Direct?
      Look, sad and hard this woman's life is - shes in fucking Iran! Its up for her country to sort it out, not us FFS.
    • By spygirl 🏆
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