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Are you getting enough sun?


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not just another Vitamin D thread, but another video from Dr Paul Mason (youtube has figured out I like him!) More unconventional thoughts.


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Curious Pattern

Thanks for sharing the video. I was aware of some of the findings but the observed link between fish oils and skin health was new to me.

If sunlight was so dangerous then we should not have evolved paler skin at these latitudes and we should not enjoy it. It makes sense that the net effect on mortality from exposure is positive provided we avoid the obviously painful bit - sunburn

I suspect there is also an obvious correlation between people with high sun exposure being engaged in healthy outdoor activities and people with low exposure spending their time slouched indoors looking at a screen.

I'm someone who gets more sun than is healthy, but I have friends who've bought into the opposite narrative. They believe the sun is a giant deadly cancer-ball which should be avoided and if you absolutely must go out in it then it's necessary to rub a pharmaceutical product into your skin that contains an array of chemicals. These are the same people who drink up the COVID narrative.

Personally I'm more concerned about depression, bowel cancer and all the other dangers that sun exposure reduces, than I am about skin cancer. So I'm happy to keep making that risk trade-off. I may still get unlucky, but that's why these are risks and not certainties.

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The Sun? What's that? The yellow ball that used to appear in the sky?

This year, in London, has been the dullest greyest I can remember in living history (i'm 51).

I've been taking Vitamin D since March last year, no colds, no flu, no jab, no respiratory diseases.

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On 07/11/2021 at 04:32, Stuey said:

I don't watch videos from here.

But I do partake in 12 minutes, twice a week, on the sunbed for my vitamin D.

It also gives a lovely glow this time of year when others are showing their excema blotches...

Where do you get the 12 minute figure from? Has that been shown as just enough to top up the vitamin d?

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3 minutes ago, JoeDavola said:

Where do you get the 12 minute figure from? Has that been shown as just enough to top up the vitamin d?

I don't think you're allowed on for longer. Most places have 3 minute increments...

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