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28 minutes ago, Frank Hovis said:


Didn't even have to think about it.

Past four of them yesterday morning on the way to work plus a few Cosworth Sierra`s obviously  on the way to a car show 

8 would be my choice all so ,but if number four was the full blown Intergrale  there would be no contest 

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All you fours are confusing the HF with an Intergrale  totally different beasts 

And if you are not have a fucking word with yourselves there`s a Cosworth escort there ....well in reality it`s a Sierra floor pan and ruining gear with an escort body grafted on so you will still get the same under stear

Edit ....ok i was wrong i read four as hF turbo an i never realised they did an improve version of the Intergrale  `im changing my vote   4 it is 


Edited by Long time lurking

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