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Drug/supplement protocol if vaccinated

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Yadda yadda yadda

Does anyone have the drug and supplement protocol to take to lessen effects and reduce risk from the vaccine? Someone has been coerced for employment reasons and it might help them.

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from that astrologer guy's website, George Martin's son, most of this stuff has been doscussed here.




By Dr. Ronald Drucker


Vitamins A and E

Vitamin D-Mulsion Forte 10 drops a day

Bio C 1000 mg 2 pills 2x a day

Zinczyme 2x a day

Acemannan (follow instructions on the label)

Quercetin 4 grams a day


Detoxify with Activated Charcoal Veggie Caps 4 x a day with a meal

Sauna, steam baths

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We have a whole heap of fucking miracles on here, has anyone kept a list?

Stick with the most important stuff though: good diet, moderate exercise, sleep, and no stress.


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