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Cheapest & Easiest Way to Sell IOTA to GBP

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Can anyone help me with the easiest and cheapest way to do this? I have some IOTA stored in a cold wallet, and I've just done a trial transaction of about £1k, but the costs look a little excessive, so I am wondering if anyone knows a better way to do this. I will say now that I am an utter noob to this so words of one syllable and ideally understandable by a 5 year old would be great.

You can't buy or sell IOTA on any UK markets that I know of, so I transferred to my Binance account and sold the IOTAs for BTC. I then transferred the BTC to Coinbase, but the fees for withdrawing that ~£1k is £16, which is going to equate to quite a lot when I do the rest of it. Is this just a price I have to pay or is there a better way of doing this?

I did see it was possible to withdraw GBP from Binance but I don;t know how long/complex it is to set up an account to withdraw to and what the costs may be.

The £1k is still sitting with Coinbase, but maybe I will just have to take the hit on that £16

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CB is the most expensive by a margin for fees. KRAKEN is a little better. All the fiat ramps are expensive. Unless you need the ££ to spend, leave it on exchanges, you get a yield of up to 12% on block fi for stable coins. In the uk banks youll get 0.001% if youre lucky. 

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