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The decline of personal car ownership is closer than we think


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From housing without sufficient provision to charge leccy cars, to cost of ownership putting them out of reach of normal folk, to automation providing a taxi style short term rental alternative, non-private transport will become a thing of the past for many.

China is testing it on the public in Beijing. Once the deaths and incidents are down to survivable level (for the companies running them xD) these automated taxis will be prevalent throughout the world where currently there is a lot of reliance on short car journeys.

Robotaxis freed to charge across 60km2 of Beijing



Rural places where bus and trains are too infrequent or unreliable will benefit from automated taxi hubs. Book in advance for peak hours such as the morning commute or school run. Allows for centralised charging hubs the vehicles return to when not in use or running low on charge between bookings.

Normal folk will be taxed off the roads through greenwashing, so light flights abroad it will be exclusive to the well off, like originally.

Home working and schooling will mean many don't need to drive often anyway, so infrequent taxi charges will be more affordable allowing them to put even more money into piles of bricks. xD

Automated buses, trucks, and delivery vans will do away with many of the traditional driving jobs. New jobs in servicing and repair of the automated stuff will take up some of the slack.

There's going to be some spectacular incidents when hackers upload the Death Race malware. 200 points for a cyclist. 300 if they're wearing a covidiot mask. xD

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