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Long time lurking

Trump has just reinvented MIRAS

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We'll get miras again.  I'd understood it to come about 2018/2019 so that people would see the benefits just before the next election, but that's been scuppered by the 2017 elections.  Still, it'll come anyway when they (have to) increase interest rates.

I had understood that the question wasn't whether miras would come back, but at what rate (base) for whom (new vs existing debt) and even whether it should extend to all debt, not just mortgages (which would make sense given the expansion of debt in recent years).

I don't like miras particularly, but seeing as 'people taking on debt' has driven the recovery in the last 10 years, there might be a moral argument for it.

Anyway, it is being talked about right now in Tory circles, eg, https://www.ft.com/content/296227f0-9966-11e7-8c5c-c8d8fa6961bb

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