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Home 'Studio' - ditching the amps....


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OK so as we all know UK houses don't have space any more unless your filthy rich so I'm looking to downsize my music stuff.

The most obvious things to ditch are the big guitar and bass amp that I have, if I can manage to sell them, and swap them for something much smaller.

I won't be performing with any kind of band so don't need something loud. I will be doing a bit of recording of acoustic, electric, bass - so I'd need something with a small footprint to allow me to record thiat - I already have a Steinberg UR22II audio interface box:


I was thinking of replacing the two massive amps with this one small practice amp from Yamaha which seems to do guitar, bass, and electro-acoustic in one box (though i get not as well as individual amps do, but it's small!) and has a recording line out:


Any opinions from any of the guitar folk here on this plan? Other amp reccomendations are appreciated.

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I picked up a Blackstar Fly a while back, which is ok for what it is. I managed to do some half decent recording with it by taking a line out from the headphone socket. I did do quite a lot of processing on it on the computer later mind.

How much noise can you get away with making? I tend to end up playing after the wife and kids are in bed, so If I want to play amplified I need to play through headphones. I find that too much of a faff, so just play unplugged which is fine for bass and ok for a lot of guitar stuff.

A lot depends on what sort of sound you're after. If I lived alone and hated my neighbors I'd get a cab that would work for guitar or bass (I've got an Ampeg SVT 210 in the attic that'll do that), and one of those little valve amplifiers like a Tiny Terror. That rig would sound fantastic for guitar or bass* at home volumes, and you could gig with it for guitar if you weren't bothered about pristine cleans, which I'm not at all. And it would sound lovely miked up for recording.

*People think that you can't use guitar amps for bass, but that's not quite true. You can use the heads. It's the speaker cabs that you'll fuck up.



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Bus Stop Boxer

Not sure how it would run for bass, but i've got a Boss Katana Artist MK1 sat here and its bloody great.

You can hook it up to Boss Tone Studio for tweakage. Would work best with the dedicated footswitch however.

Can handle acoustic stuff very well. Better than a few acoustic amps i've heard.

If DI'ing the bass, i'm sure that would be ok, and there are 3 speaker outs so you could run to a 1x15 if you take it out of the house.

I've toyed with the idea of one of those Yamaha THR jobs.

I use a Yamaha N12 firewire desk as my front end, in to 2 JBL LR308 monitors. With Studio 1 or Tracktion or Waveform as its now known.

You can throw anything at the JBLs. I have a Roland drum kit and it handles the kick drum at house levels no problem.

I would defo look at a good pair of monitors that can handle everything, then get your bits and bobs to go in front of them.

A 2nd hand Tech 21 bass driver is something i've often thought about getting.


Now all i need is a reason to turn it all on again. I've sort of given up on music and musicians in the last 18 months....


Edit to add. 

I listened back to some old home demos i did years ago using a Pod Mk2 and i have to say the old Pod still stands up reasonably well to todays modellers. There are so many options now with impulse response cab modellers fx chains etc its very easy to get lost in the tech and forget what you're sposed to be doing.

The girls really don't care about those golden ratios and Abbey Road drum sims.


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14 minutes ago, Bus Stop Boxer said:

Not sure how it would run for bass

You need hefty speakers for Bass. I reckon a lot of these amplifiers in the around £200 bracket are very good nowadays for guitar.

Somebody mentioned Blackstar, which seem popular. I used to have a Roland Cube 30 (available in several sizes), amd now have a Vox small amplifier.

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15 hours ago, JoeDavola said:

I will be doing a bit of recording of acoustic, electric, bass - so I'd need something with a small footprint 

Here is something to keep an eye on - running Reaper on a Pi.


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For playing, I use a Roland CM-30 - https://www.roland.com/uk/products/cm-30/

I like this because it's small, more than powerful enough, and has a large number of inputs (1 mono and 4 stereo) so I can keep guitar/bass, keyboard, and computer all connected without needing to use an additional mixer.  I use external digital effects for amp/speaker simulation.

For recording, I use the computer with an Allen and Heath ZEDi-10 - https://www.allen-heath.com/ahproducts/zedi-10/

This allows mic, guitar/bass, and line level inputs.  I usually monitor with some mid-range Sennheiser headphones.  You probably have some preferred software, but (depending on requirements) I use Ardour and/or Audacity running on Ubuntu Studio.

I do have other combo amps for the guitar (Marshall) and bass (Hartke), but they don't see much use by me now (my son has pinched the Marshall anyway).

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Alonso Quijano

There are quite a few musical people on here... of all shapes and sizes and abilities.

I have a home set up using computer/Cubase with a creative soundcard/audio inputs with guitar FX unit and vocal mics. Have recorded quite a few songs, though it can be a slog and the guitar side of things can be frustrating and many songs are sitting there unfinished - probably where being in a band would help and being able to delegate to their expertise/virtuosity! With a computer set-up and not using an amp for a guitar is perhaps not ideal from a sound point of view?

Bought a Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD (a 4-input audio input) as an upgrade, though used it much as yet.


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