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Reputations Below Their Worth

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4 minutes ago, Bedrag Justesen said:

For a car designer he makes an excellent presenter.

He made some points have never heard before, despite reading various AML/Towns books.

I had certainly never noticed the front wing and A-pillar were one piece before he pointed it out. Definitely interesting how he looks at it, from a production point of view, as a designer.

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Denise Coffey

Mrs E in Sir Henry

The funniest guest slots in I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue by a country mile; outshining the regulars

Mostly forgotten and living quietly and painting in south Devon.


It's a difficult category.  Should it be people who were brilliant but didn't do much high profile work like Denise or something like a pop band you think are great but most people don't think much of them?

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