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George Michael


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I appreciate not to everyone’s taste here but Radio 2 have just done a 2 hour show celebrating the 25th anniversary of Older so maybe enough time has passed now to be able to objectively appreciate his talent.

The tabloids were ultimately successful in destroying his persona but they will never be able to take away his unique abilities.

Once you get past the cheesy early years I can’t think off the top of my head of many other solo male pop star that wrote, produced and sang so many big hits whilst also dealing with the fame on his own.

His attention to detail in all aspects of his solo career were pretty extraordinary and his vocal range and delivery was right up there with the best



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23 minutes ago, JoeDavola said:

I'm a big fan, he wrote some amazing pop songs and reports suggest was a decent bloke who did a fair bit for charity on the quiet.

He had a sort of modesty, that didn't go with his stage image.

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Didn't he give the royalties to the other half of Wham? (Andrew Ridgely)

I was talking to someone about him about a year after he died and really choked up. I'm not into music really, but the stuff I've absorbed over the years includes some of his stuff. He was lovely. A character.


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I will unashamedly say Listen Without Predjudice is my favourite album of all time.

I think his Wham years really shadowed how good a singer he was technically.


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Percy Hotspur
20 hours ago, MrPin said:

I believe so.

Andrew Ridgely deserved it. I only listened to Wham in the first place because of Andrew's incredible lead electric triangle playing. Without Andrew's virtuosity on those records, people would be saying "George who?"

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Happy Renting

Yes, what struck me was, after his death, so many people were saying what a lovely person he was.

Apparently he found it very difficult to handle fame.

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