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Remembering Meatloaf


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I remember reading his autobiography "To hell and back" in the mid nineties.

Very rough childhood with an alcoholic father and a big weight problem - 240lbs (17stone) at age 13!

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I remember "I Would Do Anything for Love" clearly as that was during the years when I'd go to my grannies house on the day Top of the Pops was on and would always watch it.

I really like the song "Life is a Lemon and I Want my Money Back" - one to check out.

And I love that he was a good sport on Bo Selecta:


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Bat out of Hell album is one of those where I like every track.

Loved it on release and still listen to it after all the years.


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I have always had a soft spot for Bat Out of Hell. It is cheesy, but packed full of great tunes. Otherwise, I am not all that familiar with a lot of his back catalogue outside of the odd single or there that I have enjoyed too. Seemed like a nice enough chap. I saw in a few interviews that he seemed to be going through a few health issues over the years. I forget how old people are sometimes with the time machine speeding up as it does.

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As a youngster I enjoyed Meatload & Bill Steinman stuff. A sad loss.

I spoke to a mate last night who doesn't normally follow the news but is covid-phobic (a topic we tend to avoid - it's easier)

He told me Meatload had died, and it was covid related. I pointed out Meatloaf had similar body to elderly Elvis (very overweight, little excercise, money no object lifesytle - Elvis died in his early 40s, given his lifestyle and weigh Meatloaf has been on borrowed time for 40+ years. Not everything is covid related...


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On 21/01/2022 at 19:17, Anglepoise said:

Paradise by the Dashboard Light - epic performance on the Old Grey Whistle Test. X certificate stuff.


This one? Great performance and music from the 70’s.


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He seems to reported as a nice guy, with not a very good start in life. I've never been a great fan, but obviously he was popular, and sold loads.

I particularly liked the "Rocky Horror Show" performance where he wondered "Whatever happened to Saturday Night" and rode a motorcycle out of a fridge.

Something I still have to try.

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