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SJW songs

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1) Stevie Wonder - I just called to say (I'm not very fond of you any more because you voted for Trump) 

2) Bruce Springstein -  Born anywhere but the USA

3) Johnny Cash -  When the Cis male comes around 

4) Elvis Presley -  In the Ghetto (blame white privelege) 

5) Madonna -  Express yourself (and stab those who disagree) 

6) Tom Petty -  I will back down (because I hate my country) 

7) Four Tops -  If I were a carpenter (or maybe a marketing assistant) 

8) -  Dolly Parton - 9 til 9.30 (I've got a degree and 50k debt this job is demeaning, something better's bound to come along) 



Any more 

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