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Bluetooth headset for PC and phone recommendations?




Hello I am thinking about buying a new headset for laptop, the one my work gave me is a bit shit.

I thought a wireless one might be good or better still a Bluetooth version that I could pair my phone with as well. 

Does anyone have a recommendations? I’ve seen some on ‘tinternet but they’re ~£500. I’m after something around £100, if they exist. 
I’m not a brand snob. 

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I've got the two ear version of this. Very decent. Battery does actually seem to last for up to ten hours. 

Phone and pc. Either direct by Bluetooth or you get a wee usb thing to plug into your laptop if you want that way. 

Can connect to two things at the same time. I don't use that but my burd does and seems to be easy to go from pc to phone no bother.

I didn't pay for ours though - courtesy of me looking after the finances on my last project. 

Decent value for money though. 

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3 hours ago, assetrichcashpoor said:

Thanks ccc, I can’t see the image/what you’re recommending? Could you repost. 

Sorry. Few beers down forgot the link. 

https://www.best4systems.co.uk/jabra-evolve-65-usb-stereo-headset-all.html?msclkid=cb54ed6d129713c65f7e8f6c5f273985&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PLA Shopping&utm_term=4574930448815359&utm_content=Main Group

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i'd get some bluetooth ear buds, they're bloody ace cos you hardly feel em and you wander aimlessly around the house in a dreamworld without a care in the world...especially when your mate has delivered more special biscuits lol

FIIL are supposed to be really good for the dosh try these


here's a review https://www.scarbir.com/tws/fiil-t1-lite-review

PS I get you'll have a buy a separate mic, dunno about them but surely any cheap shite that clips on your top will work lol

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