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Good quality office chair




Can anyone recommend a good quality supplier or brand for an office chair?

I used to have a cheap one from Argos that lasted for around 15 years before the leather started t crack and the padding had gone flat. Other than that it did me fine.

So I bought a cheap replacement off amazon only to find the quality was dreadful. It was flimsy, wobbly and the padding was dreadful. The back turned out to be just a metal frame with the material stretched over it. Should have spent more time reading the amazon reviews, a lot of them said about the back being an empty space.

So sent it back and got another one, spending a bit more and trying to get a better quality chair. The one have now I'm happy with the chair but the gas lift seems to be poor quality, it makes a slight clunking noise whenever I move.

I could possibly just get a replacement gas lift but I don't want to mess about swapping out one piece of cheap chinese made crap for another.

I've searched for office chair suppliers but most of what comes up appear to be selling the same crap that's on amazon.

I'm happy to spend a reasonable amount if I'm getting something decent. Any recommendations for a brand or supplier would be much appreciated. 


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It depends on what you mean by reasonable amount. I paid an unreasonable amount for my KAB manager chair about 15 years ago and just checked online and its absolute extortionate to buy one now.

I was just going to get a price to have the seat pad replaced from a local upholstery place. I did a bit of a bodge job on it myself about 5 years ago and its only feeling a bit worn again now.

That doesnt really sound like much of a recommendation but if I get it reupholstered it will probably go on to outlive me.

I originally bought it from a local commercial office supplies place, went in and had a sit around first. It was almost the most expensive there but felt the best to sit on.

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Thanks, just been looking at KAB chairs, they look well built which is what I'm after.

Although, a bit more than I was looking to spend. They seem to start at around £600 (£1,500 for a full leather office chair), my budget was more like £300 or maybe £400.

Had a quick look on ebay, even used basic models are going for around £300. But I guess that's a good sign if they hold their value like that.

I'll do a bit more research as I see that KAB offer a range of spares. If their gas struts happen to be the same size then a new gas strut could be the answer.

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