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1990s music


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So we've covered the 1970s and 1980s for music. How about the 1990s? These were my formative years as a teenager going into my early 20s...

Grunge music took hold in the early part of the decade, as did Indie/Britpop. And not let's forget Europop, which spawned several 'one hit wonders'.

Let's start with Pulp:


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The 90s was my genre. So many to choose from. It was very much an era of Britpop and dance music.

I'll avoid the obvious ones. Everyone knows how fabulous some of the commercial dance was (Snap, Corona etc).

JX - There's Nothing I Won't Do

Gigi d'Agostino - The Passion (1994)

House Traffic - Every day of my Life (1994)

Robert Miles - Children


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Tin Tin Out feat Espiritu - Always Something There to Remind Me

Donna Giles - I'm Telling You..

DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima + Urban Cookie Collective - The Key

The wonderful Saint Etienne remixed by Motiv8.

and not forgetting..


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35 minutes ago, UmBongo said:

I've mentioned this one on ToS. Not a huge dance music fan but I love this:


The 1990s was a period where much pop music was dance music.

You may also like (from the 1990s)

There is a link. That was re-released featuring Kelly, the singer in the N-Trance video.

Not forgetting their other track


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A tremendous # on the lung

razzmatazz is my favourite pulp song, but I can't find a good version of it.

Here's one from1990. A bit Smithy's and the singers voice is finely balanced between beautiful but annoying, but she gets away with it


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