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1990s music

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Tremendous song, tremendous singer, and a tremendous idea for a video to interleave it with a production of Waiting for Godot. Maybe a great magnet pulls All souls to what's true Or maybe it

I still like this 90’s song these days. I think the video was banned back in the day?  

16 minutes of epicness...    

Posted Images


Is it just me or has everything stopped embedding? 

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The Grey Man

This is slow and long.

Just how this should be. Prince.

At Paisley Park 1999.

A master at work.


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On 04/05/2021 at 12:46, Roger_Mellie said:

Is it just me or has everything stopped embedding? 

I think it's when you're meant to watch an ad, it won't play the video outside YouTube anymore

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The Grey Man

This may well be cheesy. Well I do not think so. It was a time for learning out of school. Life.

MC Hammers "You carnt touch this". Nope it is pretty good. My mate went to his concert in Manchester when we were all in sixth one. My mate was good at dancing. Sure helped him make some new slim line lady friends. A slow lesson to learn for me about wider music. Not sure this is now acceptable? Bump n grind. That was good. It was the only way many of us actually met.

A few months ago I heard a tune on an office radio. It sounded like the Hammer. Nope I was advised...it was the orginal sampling tune. Never too late to learn...dance moves excepted.

Heres the original.The Hammer after.


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The Grey Man

Now this was great for the floor.

Everyone joined in.

Lose a bit of weight to.


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The Grey Man

And it all ended with this.

Fusion and a dance off.

All these restrictions this year or more? A summer of heat for those hormone busting "crazy young folk".  I hope they enjoy.

I did. They should.


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