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Death of the High Street

Chewing Grass

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Chewing Grass

@The Masked Tulip

Now this validates multiple threads over the years, some bloke decided to VHS his display in front of a McDonalds in Warrington in the early 1990s, the same McDonalds is still there although very dishevelled and next to a pawnbroking chain rather than Dorothy Perkins.

Just about sums the UK up now.

Note how well dressed the laydees are and no waddling fatties.

Vid https://youtu.be/I_lXngzC4zw


Then Nice


Now Shithole


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Without exaggeration they are all white British too.

I wonder if the kid at 1:25 knew back then that his shoes would now be worth about £20k. :D


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reminded me of the setup scenes in early ben dover videos where they pull a bird or 2 off the street (apparently) before persuading them to try on lingerie in a dirty old lockup down a side street. A lockup that happens to have a mattress or sofa in it and some long haired bloke waiting there.

Documentaries aint what they used to be.

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