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What signifies a fulfilled and successful life?


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It depends on the person. I'm in pretty good shape, have no power and don't particularly want it, but I always wish that I had more knowledge. However, in order to make time to acquire it, I need to work less, so I need to build wealth.

Money isn't the be-all and end-all, but having it does allow you to make other choices that lead to fulfilment.

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I think Maslow's hierarchy gives a good answer to this. If you can lead a life where you stay in the top tier of "self-actualization" then I think you can count yourself as fulfilled and successful. What this "self-actualization" consists of depends very much on the person of course.




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Watched The Bucket List last night, first time since it originally came out. Not sure they answered the question but poncing about the world on a billionaire's wallet felt less fulfilling and more self-endulgance doing shite they mostly wouldn't have bothered doing if not making a movie about it.

Presume the phylosophical take away was despite all the travelling they still ended up cherishing family back home more than anything. So the age old answer is seek out the free stuff as paying doesn't buy happiness, though it can buy a happy ending for a brief time. xD

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On 17/03/2022 at 22:42, Jesus Wept said:

I’m pretty sorted…. 4 out of 5 not bad. 




Yeah, I leave the other four for politicians and priests...you can decide which ones apply to which. :-)))

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