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Armed police at A35 Christchurch Bypass: Road sealed off

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Just now, Cunning Plan said:

I'm no expert but that BMW is going the wrong way?


It is German - it is allowed to drive on the wrong side of the road.

Apparently there is a search underway of the undergrowth.

Numerous armed police unit with even more backup police units. Ambulances also. Major road closed. Manhunt(?) underway?


Pure speculation - have they spotted a bin liner litter-bug about to leave a bin liner under a bridge?

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3 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

Virtually no info on this.


Either a massive police over reaction (understandable, I'm from there - nothing ever happens) or something really serious is going down.

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1 hour ago, Bedrag Justesen said:


Dorset Police have tweeted this incident is being treated as a road traffic accident and there are no suspicions of any links to extremist terror.*



*OK they haven't really but its a week-night so it will save us all some time so we can go to bed.

If the So-Called BBC are reporting it, it must be a drunken pensioner on a shooting spree?

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