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SWAT / CTSFO outdated & outmoded in the modern climate?

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There seems to be a big media hype about "response times" everytime there is a terrorist or active shooter attack somewhere around the world.

Much is made in the (mainstream media) about "8 mins and armed police were on scene" (london bridge) or "11mins and SWAT were "breech breech breech" @MandalayBay" etc etc 

The fact is it was over 1hr before SWAT were on scene in Las Vegas and it was 2 ordinary police and 2 K9 officers who tackled Paddock whilst he was still alive, SWAT basically turned up 1hr later and blew the door off then worried about going too far into the room in case they were shot by their own snipers trained on the windows.

So..........is SWAT / CTSFO etc an outmoded unit in the modern world of the lone wolf terrorist / lone active shooter? who doesnt want to take hostages and wait over an hour to be surrounded by snipers and armoured wagons with posing "millitarised police troops" hanging off it?

Are they relagated to gurning selfie ops with middle aged women at pop concerts?

As a taxpayer do you consider it a fair use of taxpayer funding? for a lot of sitting around waiting to make a meal of a half over incident? 

Should an "Armed policeman" curry any favour or adulation from the public for carrying the means of instant execution? is this something to be praised? Posing at the side of the A35 in christchurch with H&KG36's on a routine traffic stop? 

Is every walter mitty clamoring for a transfer to "armed ops"? 

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Most cops I know have no interest in being armed. I also know a Chief Inspector in Essex that interviews candidates for fire arms training. They are always dubious about candidates that want to do the specialist firearms officers role. When the Met announced an extra 600 sfo's, he said they could never recruit them and he has been proven right thus far.

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