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Dave Bloke

Nvidea launches "self driving car on a chip"

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Nvidea has launched a chip (well actually a card with 16 ARM chips and 2 x GPUs)  to help car makers produce full antonymous self driving cars. The chip is capable of  320 terraflops (that's quick), about the same as 100 servers in a data center. Current self driving cars use the equivalent of 50 lap top processors, fill the car boot and consume 2 to 4KW of power and have a considerable impact on fuel consumption


Even the NVidea chip produces 500 watts TDP.



So it looks like self driving cars won't be on the market for a while.

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15 minutes ago, swissy_fit said:

Is this true of Tesla's semi-autonomous gear? If they have the software on, the range starts dropping off more quickly?

Tesla auto drive is only for use on motorways, isn't it? Motorway running is orders of magnitude less complicated than normal roads.

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