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The Irony...

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I’m old. I remember the UK’s many attempts to join the EU (then the Common Market) vetoed by France in the shape of Gen. Charles de Gaulle. This was sour grapes after the UK had saved France’s bacon in WW2.  Now France (with Germany) is instrumental in making it difficult for us to leave...make up your mind, France!


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4 minutes ago, Bossybabe said:

That’s pretty much why I voted to leave. 


The English speaking people should have got together but, because of US pressure, we were pushed apart.

UK, Oz, Canada, NZ and the US would be a fairly happy bunch. But the US was so dominant economically and, as a result, arrogant, that they felt that they needed no one - and this has been true for all the time that we have been in the EU.

But now, with the rise of China, the US is basically where the UK was between the two world wars. Americans are going to have to have a massive re-think, just as we had to, in the post-WW2 years.

Sadly, all of the above mentioned countries have let our countries become changed and economically weakened by mass migrations from Third World countries.

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