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Daft question on leeks


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Apparently you can cut the bottoms off leeks and they will regrow, as the lass explains in the video.

This is good. Plonking a leek root into the ground has to be a lot easier than fart arsing around with the spindly stems grown from seed.

The only problem is that leeks are an autumn/winter crop. So you top and tail the leek about December and chuck the leaves on the compost heap. But what about the roots? You can't plant them out until about April and by then they will have gone off.

So what am I missing?


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8 hours ago, spunko said:

Not all leeks are autumn crops, there are 3 types, see here: 


I would try it using supermarket leeks now, you will have rooted leeks to plant out by July, and that will give them enough time to grow for harvest at the normal time... maybe! I've never tried this sort of thing myself.

Never thought of that.

To be honest I am not that keen on leeks, but I do like to to see something growing in the winter

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