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deal or no deal?

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2 minutes ago, sarahbell said:



suspended sentence? yes, not a harm to society so no need to lock him up ... 

That makes sense.

Though the guy that used to run the garage down the road got a week or so inside for selling illegally imported cigarettes.  Funny thing, the law.

And the guy that recorded himself having sex with some ladies, and then proceeded to keep it all to himself and not publicise it in any way, he got 3 years.  I doubt he was actually any harm to society, either.

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Good job he didn't put any 'hate speech' on twatter - plod would have felt his collar immediately, what with fuck all actual detective work and there being no other important crime going on ...

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"Those who lawfully have to pay £50 a month or more on Sky or BT subscriptions, are done a disservice by people like you and those who buy these devices," he said.


You have to question whether that is really true considering the likely huge margins.

Maybe they should pay the footie clubs less - who do a disservice through their boring footie under false pretences as well as being not fit for purpose.

Then there's all the money wasted with the scam spam advertising pushed through every letter box in the land every other week in the year

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