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Don Coglione

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Was a keen follower back in the 80's. Saw them live a couple of times.

I'm not convinced the music has aged particularly well but I occasionally listen to the first two albums (didn't like Misplaced Childhood as much). Haven't listed to any of the post Fish albums.

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I thought this was about the building company. Then I realised it wasn't quite right, after a while I realised it was Carillion.

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Big Boy
Posted (edited)

I still occasionally listen to the first three albums.  Mick Pointer's drumming on the first was terrible (and that was after much work was put in by the engineer to piece together something workable) and his live playing with Marillion is unbearable (to me, I can actually play :P).  He did go on to do some good drumming with Arena, so he must have practised quite hard in between.

Not the best of the "neo-prog" bands, but the most popular due to their single(s) success - inexplicable to me as I thought (and still think) Kayleigh was execrable.

I'm surprised that Fugazi is rated so low at ProgArchives as it's my favourite album by them.

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I like Fish's voice. A bit like Meatloaf. And the power, synth and percussion on this. You wouldn't struggle to date which decade this is from, would you.


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Frank Hovis

I loved the first two albums; prog rock without the pretentiousness.

They lost something IMHO with Misplaced Childhood despite this being their commercial peak; it had its moments but for the first time Fish seemed to be struggling to write the lyrics.  Bits of it seemed forced.

I've read good things about the ongoing band but I'm not really into pop music these days.


Market Square Heroes.


XTC cover by the new band.


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The XYY Man

I was stood behind Fish from Marillion in the queue in a butcher's shop in Dunbar in 1985.

I was getting me mam a pound of Ayrshire middle bacon on my way home from the pub, but I can't recall what he was buying. I do recall that the blonde in the passenger seat of his red sports car parked outside the shop was well worth one though.

I am not aware if she was Kayleigh or not, but she could give me a soapy tit-wank any time she wanted...



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