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Theft & anti-theft


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Placeholder for anything relevant, I'll start with Apple Airtags - now being used by crims to track your car before stealing it :ph34r: 


I can only see 1 simple solution to stop the rise in burglary and car theft and that's a significant deterrent to stop repeat offenders, some suggestions :

1st offence cut off their hands

2nd offence cut of their head

3rd offence tbc ( red hot pokers in places that will leave a lasting impression?) O.o O.o :S

I'm surprised it's not been tried before (maybe we should take lessons from the muslim countries ?) :/ 

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Frank Hovis

The old rules still apply: if the crims think that there is nothing worth stealing then they won't bother.

I parked in a layby with a friend before doing a walk.  Her car wasn't that different to mine in age but looked flasher than mine.

Also I scrupulously leave nothing of value on show, or anything that might be thought to contain something valuable like a coat on the seat.  That is unless anyone values a bottle of water, some old CDs, and various cloths to wipe the windscreen.  If they did break in on spec they would also find a twelve year old and entirely unreliable plug in satnav that doesn't work unless plugged in because the battery's shot.

Hers on the other hand is always full of stuff inlcuding, often, her handbag or purse on show.

And whilst it was the first time that it has happened to either of us it was her window that was put through and stuff taken; my car parked right next to it was ignored though they had plenty of time - her card had been used in a shop before we even returned to find the damage.

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There's always been a bit of hysteria over this kind of thing, the MSM been predicting hidden cameras the size of grain of rice for decades, hidden in every cistern in every public women's loo, but this hasn't happened.

Technology is a constant cat and mouse game, looks like this has been 'solved' at least partly:


A good example is the complete collapse of mobile phone theft numbers, it isn't worth stealing a mobile phone now that it can be tracked and/or bricked easily.

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Had my car number plates stolen recently in rural Hampshire. A CCTV showed the criminals car (also on dodgy plates) parked up for about 1 minute for the time to remove both front and back plates.  I put the new ones on using highpower 3M VHB tape instead of screws so that should take longer if it ever happens again!

Driving back from Devon was funny the other evening as a swarm of cops pulled us over as the computer still had the plates down as being driven by a disqualified driver. I guess the CCTV helped but they are still looking for him.

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