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Amyl and the sniffers


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I’m old punk at heart and went to show the other night and i really enjoyed it.

amyl and the sniffers. 

nothing new or ground breaking on the music, but the guitar work was not half bad and they had a nice sound. 

the singer is a wild spirited naughty little freak and I enjoyed watching her spazz out and get the attention she craved and was revelling in. Cheeky with loads of playing up and stage diving and getting in the crowd amongst the punters.  Good stage craft, seemed natural and not a contrived act trying to hard…looked a bit like a schizo Milie cyrus on a 3 week meth binge come down.

@King Penda you might like it.

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I like a few of their songs but, like nearly all new music, it's ultimately very derivative. Not their fault of course!

L7 were doing the same thing nearly 35 years ago, perhaps with a little more crucial edginess.

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