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Romanian criminals allowed bail to travel to UK… and EU laws ban deporting them

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Piss taking politicians and judiciary, really is sickening.


The Ministry of Justice said: “We can’t comment on decisions made in Romania.”




CRIMINALS are being dumped by Romanian courts on Britain — and they then use EU human rights laws to stay here.

Villains including gangsters, smugglers and cash machine crooks are given permission to travel here while on bail.


They then get legal aid to hire lawyers who block their extradition on the grounds standard two-metre square Romanian jail cells fall foul of EU human rights law.

A Sun investigation has revealed Romanian judges are allowing the travel on the flimsiest of excuses — to take a holiday, see relatives or even go to a pigeon fanciers’ fair.

British authorities are powerless to deport them after a landmark European Court of Justice ruling opened the floodgates last year.

Ciggie smuggler Cioanca Catalin had his 16-month jail term delayed so he could go to a pigeon fanciers’ event in the UK.


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As far as I'm aware UK criminals can't pick and choose which prison in the UK will have their presence (never mind go to humdrum events in different countries once convicted).  It's utterly crazy that Romanians can even choose which country.

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