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EU biometric passport checks. Implementation date?




Biometric passport checks are being introduced for anyone entering the EU ( from UK etc). 

This will I include fingerprint scans, facial recognition, etc.

Does anyone have a confirmed date when the system goes live? Articles from 6+ months ago have conflicting dates. I suspect it’s been quietly delayed due to “unexpected technical issues” ([email protected] ups)

Random link https://duckduckgo.com/?q=eu+biometric+checks+introduced+2022&t=h_&ia=web


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They might have been waiting to see the outcome of this case about airline personal data. Although it's separate to the Biometric passport, the ruling might have affected how they swap data between them. Green light if it could be a terrorist, so all OK for them!

Judges Decide EU Countries No Longer Permitted to Collect Passengers’ Personal Data

The new Entry Exit System was supposed to start in May


Schengen Information System (SIS) mentioned in that is here

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I went to Malaga in Spain a few years ago, well before Brexit, and was surprised to be faced with a fingerprint and camera machine. I think they thought well a planeload of mongy Brits to test it on, why not.

I did all the stuff and finally got told I could go through the automatic gates which were waist high a bit like a UK train station. Either there were no instructions or I didn't/couldn't read them but I walked through the open-looking gate but unknown to me it was still processing the previous passenger and about to close again ready for the next one i.e. me. 

So it did close while I was in it. Knocked me to the ground and all my stuff went flying. I just lay there thinking wtf but nobody did anything. Eventually I got up and collected my gear and the gate magically opened again as I suspect they were watching from afar either pissing themselves laughing or just not wanting to get involved.

So if their horrible scheme fails I shall be very happy.

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