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This is not an Icke thread

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Have a look at this mainstream news interview with an ex USAF pilot, this is more than the bit of a clip shown over here and a more factual description.

The interesting bit is right at the end where he lets slip that they had been watching these craft for weeks on radar but it was the first time they had aircraft in the air that were able to intercept them.

The clip is at the right segment and is well worth watching.

There has been quite a flurry of articles in the mainstream media and it is though we are gently being warmed up for something.

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On 10/26/2017 at 12:32, onlyme said:

OK I lied, interesting that the ADL and Greens dislike him so much enough to shut him down.

If you want a conspiracy theory, what is the Green's angle for example? A documentary on a Canada tour.






The comments on the lizards are interesting.  Without knowing anything about Icke's views on lizards by the late 1990s I had come to more or less the same conclusion just by observing the callous and inhuman way that TPTB treated people at work and most everywhere else. 

My own thoughts were that we are being governed by cold blooded aliens (nothing to do with any religion - religions are being manipulated in an inhuman manner just like everything else - they still have to take the consequences of their own actions though) rather than lizards but there's probably not that much difference.

People laugh of course but that's their right and it's good to laugh.

Nothing that has happened since the late 1990s has changed my mind.

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