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Help with vinyl / cartridge / stylus


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I recently bought a Pioneer PL12D turntable with the standard AT66 cartridge. It sounded OK and balanced, but the turntable was a bit tatty.

I later found a Pioneer PL12D ii with Shure M55e cartridge and new stylus in much better condition. Quite frankly, it sounds terrible. Much higher output but lacking bass and a dominant treble with noticeable sibilance. It almost sounds like it's got an upper mid boost in there.

I've been playing in the stylus, hoping that will fix it, but no joy yet.

Is it overdriving my cheap phono preamp, a Behringer PP400? I'm wary of spending lots of money trying to solve this. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommend a good forum?

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Green Devil

Styluses are have a certain number of hours for their life in normal play. If the stylus has been heavily used (ie played a lot) it will wear out. Less hours mean better quality of sound. With a high downforce/sideforce set by the arm, the life will also be shortened. Could be that the stylus is shot/worn out due to excessive playing. The sound will tend towards the sound youre hearing after many hours of play.

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The XYY Man
11 minutes ago, mooncat69 said:

Thanks. I was assured this is a new stylus. I'll get back to the seller.

Maybe he'll offer you a CD player as a replacement...?




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This was *supposed* to be a new stylus! Anyway, I messaged the seller, who sent me a receipt for his stylus. It's an N44-7, which I don't think is compatible with a Shure M55e - it's conical, not elliptical. I ordered a new N55e  elliptical stylus and it's a huge improvement!

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Happy Renting

Steel needles last longer than bamboo ones. Bamboo can be resharpened a few times.

Must get back to the shop that sold me them in 1947, they are wearing out now.

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