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Chewing Grass

Anti-Criticism Laws to be enforced by the Crit Police

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Anti Criticism Laws were brought in to make people more tolerant. Once criticism is outlawed nobody can criticise the criticism law because it is illegal to criticise.

Red Dwarf XII


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11 hours ago, onlyme said:

Cheryl Cross, 24, of Oldham. Charged with "repeatedly and aggressively not liking instagram posts" made by a disabled co-worker.



This is a spoof account juxtaposing existing photos with SJW commentary. Quite clever. Being believable shows how far we've fallen.

Edited by Alonso Quijano

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1 hour ago, Frank Hovis said:

'tis a joke surely; by their faces in that snap.

U.K. Police Account · @ToneKayHaitch. Threatening you with prison for any opinions you may have. Temporary parody until I get bored.

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