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Leaf Miner


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Anyone come across leaf miner? Fuckers are chomping through a Horse Chestnut in our garden, particularly bad this year due to the lack of rain. 

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Are you sure it's a leaf miner and not one of those leaf-cutter bees? I've got a rose that has been shredded by the damn things, looks awful, not sure if it will recover.

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Insect life (or at least, some insect life) is loving this hot weather.  

I imagine that rain will change things and we'll get other insect life loving it.

If these weather patterns appear over winter then they'll probably hate the cold.

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AFAIK, leaf miners is a generic term for a bunch of different tiny insects that lay eggs on the underside of leaves, and the resulting larvae chomp around inside the leaf leaving that tell-tale 'wiggly worm' pattern. I think I've seen neem oil in a spray bottle with water suggested as a preventative, or sticky traps that catch the buggers before they can lay their eggs. But essentially not a lot to do about it really. 

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The RHS says don't bother doing anything as it won't work. To be fair, they say that for most things nowadays as they don't want us to use pesticides. But in any case that's for shrubs; given that the OP has a fucking tree here I can't see it being feasible to cover it with pesticides.

Best bet IMO is to look into what kills leaf miners and encourage them in instead... That's what I've been doing for my lupins, which every year get ravaged by lupin aphids. I'm not proud to say this year I had to resort to some old school pesticide spray - but normally the ladybirds take care of them. I've been encouraging ladybirds into the garden by planting flat topped plants like achillea and various umbellifers.

According to Google, the red soldier beetle eats leaf miners, if you want to encourage them into your garden and do it the organic way, plant what they like, which is apparently cow parsley or similar flat topped flowers. Another one is apparently giant angelica, which has one of the coolest scientific names of any flower - Angelica archangelica. xD

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 15-09-34 angelica archangelica - Google Search.png

You can also buy parasitic wasps, in the 1000s, which feed on them. Don't be alarmed they're tiny little things, barely visible to the human eye.



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