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Alonso Quijano

Depeche Mode

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One of my favourite bands.

Loved the late 80s stuff (Black Celebration, Music for the Masses). Went off them when they changed their sound for Violator - I guess I just wanted to hear more of the same. Came back 10 years later and realised that actually Violator - and the next couple of albums - were their best work.

As an anecdotal, I've been unable to listen to their latest album (Delta Machine) to the end. Complete and utter dross IMO.

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On 10/04/2017 at 20:26, blobloblob said:

Violator is an all-time classic album. Early stuff was a bit teenypop.

I liked the teenypop stuff. Infectiously poppy.

Funny how a song or songs can capture moments in your life - See You and Shake The Disease will forever take me back to love lost.

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