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The XYY Man

As useless as...

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"As useless as a chocolate fire-guard" goes the old saying.

But surely us DOSBODders can come-up with some much more evocative versions of this axiom..?

Well this is the thread for doing just that.

I'll set the ball rolling with my personal favourite - hopefully you lot will have a few more of your own.


As useless as Anne Frank's drum-kit...!




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I used to work with a useless guy in Australia who we all knew as 'Wombat'. He loved it and thought it was great. Poor fucker


Waste Of Money, Brains And Time


Edited by Sgt Hartman

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A Supadriv screwdriver when you're trying to undo a Posidriv screw, because although they look similar they aren't really compatible, and you end up buggering either the screw or screwdriver or both... in an arse-kicking contest.

...an arse in a John-Denver kicking contest.

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