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Dave Bloke

Racist Robots

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AIs, Robot Call centers etc seem to have issues with racism, after outrage that Microsoft's Tay turned racist in less than a day before engineers pulled the plug


and general claims of racist bias in AI systems


now a school call center is using the Nigger word on black kids


Nicomi Stewart, a mother in Rochester, New York, is “disgusted” after an automated call sent to her phone from the city’s school district mispronounced her daughter’s name as a racial slur.

Stewart’s daughter is named Nicarri. Stewart told WHAM TV the message clearly began, “This is Edison Career and Technology High School. Your daughter, Nigger, has missed period one on…”

The call came after Nicarri missed a day of class at Edison Career and Technology High School.



Is it all down to disgusting white male programmers transfering their bias to computer systems they create?

Or is it more likely just faux outrage from somone looking for compo after chosing a stupid name for their kid?

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