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Site speed - is Dosbods slow?

DOSBODS page load speed  

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  1. 1. DOSBODS page load speed

    • The site is loading fast/as normal
    • The site is fast, but not quite as fast as a few weeks ago.
    • The site is much slower
    • I don't know and just want to vote for something.

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As I have mentioned I am on TalkTalk and they are SHIT. The site seems really slow for me at home, but it could just be TalkTalk. I am using some third-party metrics and they don't look much different to normal but can you all please let me know and/or vote in the poll, if the site is slower than a few weeks ago?

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I haven't noticed any difference in the last few weeks. I'm also on Talktalk and its generally been fine for me and that's since 2006. although we a fault on our landline when we noticed we couldn't get a dialling tone and our daughter couldn't phone us. We reported it on Saturday and it should be fixed within 72 hours, we're told.

Broadband is fine.

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No such speed problems up here in the North.

On a scale of one to ten - where one is shite, and ten is orgasmic - I'm giving DOSBODs' speed at least seven-point-five out of ten Diet Pepsi points...!




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8 minutes ago, spunko2010 said:

Is it just me or has the site been slower the past few days for anyone else? :ph34r:

Haven't noticed it. Apart from on a few occasions where the page loading appears to hang briefly when the URL is requested.

Which could be a delay while it reads from the database.

Or simply internet latency at this end.

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