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Northern Soul Thread

Bus Stop Boxer

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Bus Stop Boxer

This is wonderful.,

Would love to have seen this done in Manchester instead of Dont Look Back in Anger.

Much more apt song for a start.

Would have been a much better 2 fingers up.


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Bedrag Justesen
23 hours ago, Malthus said:

Good call for a thread 

Mind boggling {to me} that Edwin lived in Crewe.

I bumped into him once in the The Box car park.

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On 06/11/2017 at 21:21, shindigger said:

Ill start.

Will admit that the "dancing" in this clip is shite compared to most Northern exponents.

This is better :)

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4 minutes ago, shindigger said:

Look at all that talc!

Ah, i did wonder how they got that slip sliding move going  mind, I went to the youth club with a guy that used to do,that to rocking robin  inspired stuff  


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