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How high can you hear

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10 minutes ago, OurDayWillCome said:

Anyone else get a drop off in volume around 10? My hearing picks it up again till around 15.

It is quite possible that you're picking up on some non-linearity in the speaker/headphone system, that creates a lower frequency artefact that you can hear.

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6 minutes ago, MrPin said:

I don't think Frank would be surprised that I can still hear some high frequencies, otherwise I would bump into stuff. Surprising really, as I am a loud, but incompetent musician.O.o

Are you a bat?  It explains why you like to hang around in scary graveyards with a certain history. o.O

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About 13.5KHz, with a couple of lower troughs inbetween, decent headphones so likely hearing and not the output. Surprising with the abuse my hearing has taken over the years including today welting a chisel taking sections out of a wall.

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