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Frank Hovis

How could this possibly go wrong? - Facebook, nude photos

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Is Chris Morris now actually having his spoof policies enacted?



Facebook is teaming up with four countries to test a preemptive system to detect and defend against “revenge porn.” Users are being asked to upload nude photos of themselves to Messenger.

The Australian Office of the eSafety Commissioner announced they were partnering with the social media giant last week on a pilot scheme that will allow anyone to report sensitive images being shared online without their permission.

The eSafety office, which works primarily to prevent the online abuse of minors, asked any Australian who fears that intimate images of themselves may be online to send a nude photo of themselves via Messenger xD. They will then notify Facebook, who will use image matching technology to stop those images from being uploaded to Facebook, Messenger, Facebook Groups or Instagram.


Dear eSafety, I am very concerned that their may be nude photographs of myself circulating on the interent.  Yours faithfully, Worried of Woolamaloo.

Dear Worried of Woolamaloo, Worry no more.  Simply take a nude photograph of yourself and send it to us and then you can sleep safely knowing that nobody will be looking at nude photographs of you.  Except us of course who will all be crowding round the screen to have a good laugh.  Yours sincerely, eSafety.



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    • By Frank Hovis
      Twitter starts closing dormant accounts and gets a "backlash" (seems to be one person) where one account is someone who has died.
      So now they're going to start hosting dead people's accounts which it turns out Facebook already does.
      How far do they intend taking this? In thirty years they could find out that dead users outnumber live ones; will they then keep them rolling like some massive virtual graveyard?
      What would be the point and, more pertinently for them, where is the profit?
    • By UmBongo
      How on Earth does taking a copious amount of class A drugs in a bathroom cause the floor/ceiling to collapse? 
      Anyhow, I'd love to see the insurance claim details for this. I wonder for how long the young party host is grounded for? 
    • By The Masked Tulip
      This story was quietly released over the Bank holiday weekend and has got next to no mainstream UK Press coverage - mainly because it goes against the apparent agenda and highlights what naive, gullible fools lots of UK media folk are.
      I think this is pretty major.
      It is basically Facebook admitting, by closing down some 600 plus pages, groups and accounts, that a foreign power, in this case Iran, has been using social media to influence opininion on several matters key to the unity and security of the UK - namely BREXIT, Scottish Independence and with positive media for one Jeremy Corbyn. Israel, and UK opinion of Israel, is also mentioned but you have to wonder whether this also includes the big rise of anti-semitism on UK social media.
      Not a dicky bird from the UK mainstream media about this. If it had been, for example, pro-Trump stuff then you can imagine the hysteria.
      But this is OUR country and this suggests that a foreign power, Iran, was interfering in our internal politics.
      So why no mainstream coverage?
      Why aren't the likes of the So-Called BBC, Sky News, etc, screaming hell about this? Why aren't our politicians? Are any of them even aware that this happened?
      Well, our mainstream media seems to focus on breaking up the UK as a good thing. It is also, IMPO, increasingly pro muslim and anti-Israel/Jewish people. No need to say anything about BREXIT. Then there is Corbyn.
      Does this Facebook story simply highlight something much bigger going on in the UK with how public opinion is shaped and presented? I suspect it does.
      Look at the almost hourly row in the US about possible Russian use of social media to influence the last US election. Then consider how this story about the UK got pushed out on a wet bank holiday weekend, was given virtually no coverage and then was buried.
      Facebook Shuts Down Iran-Linked Pages Attacking Brexit and Israel, Backing Corbyn and Scottish Separatists
      This is a huge story. It should have had massive coverage. You have to ask yourselves why not.
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