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Frank Hovis

How could this possibly go wrong? - Facebook, nude photos

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    • By Chewing Grass
      Its your data but we will do with it whatever the fuck we like because twatface can't look after it.
      Controversial firm Cambridge Analytics has been issued with an emergency data seizure order following a TV expose about its unethical use of user data. Senior executives have been caught on camera boasting about the use of dark methods, including hiring prostitutes to entrap individuals, generating fake news and sub-contracting with ex-spies to entrap individuals.
      This comes on top of revelations that it had secretly grabbed the personal details of over 50 million Facebook users and used the data to sell voter targeting services.
      More and more reasons to fuck facebook off.
    • By Reck B
      I had a meeting with some social media marketers last year. During the meeting they told me that it's possible to target people based on the private conversations they have. I asked if they meant that facebook scan your messages (ie messenger/whatsapp) looking for keywords to present relevant ads to the user - they said yes and actual voice conversations. I dismissed it, thinking "bullshit" - they were young nerdy types and probably watched the matrix a few too many times.
      Last week my wife met up with her friend at a gym club - they were talking about where to start swimming club for our youngest. Her friend suggested that she should try a pool called Cofton but she didn't know the timetable.
      In her friends facebook feed that night was an advert for Cofton swimming pool, showing the timetable. I asked if either had mentioned Cofton in whatsapp/messenger or if they had googled it (as this would be more likely than some kind of weird evesdropping voice to text shitbot) but they hadn't.
      In another incident (which shows that social media companies do actually trawl through your messages) my sis in law was presented with ad advert for a pendant engraved with the letters "DB" which is how she refers to her daughter when messaging by wife on social media.
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